Monday, September 12, 2011

NOTD: OPI I'm Suzi & I'm A Chocoholic

This polish was one of the first OPIs I ever bought (along with Ski Teal We Drop and Yodel Me On My Cell), it's from the Swiss Collection that was released in 2010 for fall. This shade is a reddish brown (or brownish red), which is appealing very much to the autumn-fiend in me at the moment. It went on fairly opaque, this is only two coats, it was just a b!tch to clean up. I hate cleaning up reds, I don't know why they give me such a hard time - but they do.

Every. Single. Time.

I was inspired to use this polish because I'm kind of lemming China Glaze's new Brownstone polish from the Metro collection. Can anyone tell me if these two are similar? I think Brownstone is more ... well, brown. Anyway!

Going on kind of the same thread, this is my favourite fall-time tea. It's called Market Spice from Teaopia and it's a black tea with Orange peel, cloves, marigold, black pepper. It's actually spicier than Chai which is its biggest selling point in my book. Umm, delicious!?

Absolutely, yes.


  1. Yes !!! Reds are always so messy to clean up.. you get red smudges everywhere! This colour suits your skin so well :D

  2. I agree, very nice color for fall!


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