Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NOTD: OPI Designer Series Amethyst


Here's a more recent picture of OPI Designer Series (OPI DS) Amethyst. I can't help but want to photograph this beautiful polish when I wear it. The holo is so magnificent in the sun, but at work under the fluorescent lights it's very blah and greyish.

This is naturally lit, indoors. See below for older pictures~!

June 11 2013 


This is one of the two holographic polishes that I own, the other one being OPI DS Glamour. I got them at the same dusty (nail salon where you can find old or hard to find polishes for sale) but since pink is definitely not my favourite colour it took a lot longer to give this puppy a try.

After yesterday's fiasco I wanted to wear a vampy red, but seeing everyone's swatches on the (new) nail board of their holographic polish and it being a beautiful sunny day here in Ottawa I figured it was time to finally give dear ol' Amethyst a shot.

I'm so happy I did. Holographic polish is a bottle full of rainbows and happiness. I need more, stat.

Enlarge these photos to get an even better view!



Look at that bottle!
Still pretty, even in the shade
Enlarge this one. Seriously.
Isn't it wonderful?!

This was three coats with a regular base coat (not Aquabase, which is supposedly good for making holos even more holo-y) and no top coat. It was a surprisingly liquid formula so watch out for cuticle flooding!


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