Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NOTD: Mattified Flaky Goodness

Being a pretty avid MUA NBer makes me want to change my polish rather frequently. And I mean like, all the time. I'm usually planning 3 manicures ahead, and when I land on a new polish there's usually no stopping me. Nothing about this changed when a friend brought me two OPI's yesterday. However right now I am out of acetone, which is definitely required for removing my current manicure (try taking flakies off without it ... not pleasant).

So I had to improvise. What could I do to my mani before being able to buy more acetone on Thursday? I've been seeing a lot of really nice dark matte colours lately and felt inspired. Essie's Matte About You it is! I love the effect it created. It brings out the duochrome quality of the polish quite a bit more than with a shiny top coat, which almost distracts from the colours playing within the flakies.


Blue/Green duochrome

So much blue now!

Close up. Please excuse the shoddy clean up job.
The flakies almost seem more defined now that they're matte. I like it! 

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