Thursday, March 3, 2011

NOTD: ChG Zombie Zest over OPI Yodel Me On My Cell & First Crackle!

This is yesterday's NOTD, China Glaze Zombie Zest from the 2010 Halloween collection layered over OPI Yodel Me On My Cell from the Swiss Collection. I've been trying to find combos that make Zombie Zest look less "Grandma's Chesterfield" esque (ie: awkward  lemon-lime) and more green, so the obvious solution was a blueish polish.

YMOMC Was much more subtle than I was expecting it to be under ZZ, but it really accomplished what I wanted with the shade, so that's okay.

Then I got a call from my Sally's saying that the China Glaze Crackle polish was in, so away I went!

I had already swatched OPI Black Shatter on my thumb nail after and friend got it, and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't impressed. The formula was thick and reeked of chemicals. Needless to say, I was a little worried.

The first one I tried was Lightning Bolt, right over top of my current mani. The formula was amazing! It wasn't tar-like or smelly like OPI's at all.

As you can see, my pinkie nail didn't crackle much.  I applied it a little too thick there, so all you have to do to avoid that mess is try not to be too generous with the polish. It was really cool watching it crackle! Like Ali said yesterday, it's like watching a bath bomb fizz - you just can't take your eyes off it!

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  1. i just LOVE zombie zest over yodel me on my cell !!!!!!!!! gorgeousness !!!


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