Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NOTD: First Tape Mani - China Glaze Refresh Mint + Accent Nails

Sorry about the post delay, this week has been crazy with school, no time to blog. That being said, my manis this week have been nothing short of extremely frustrating. I've discovered that Revlon is the worst brand of polish on the face of the planet. It takes forever to dry and dries sticky/rubbery. I am never, ever purchasing it again.

That being said,China Glaze is one of the best brands I've ever used, so I needed to make up for my week of nail polish horror. I got inspiration for this one from Nailside, whose manicures are absolutely beautiful - simply by using strips of tape! I'd tried it before for french manicures but I didn't really have the patience to pursue it.

I used China Glaze Refresh Mint as the base colour, For Audrey on my index finger and Secret Periwinkle on my ring. On my left hand I did the opposite colours and angles. It looks awesome.

And just because: Let me tell you about my new-found obsession. Survivorman. Les Stroud is the MAN. All I want to do is go up to the lake and be in the wilderness now. I really, really want this shirt:

I think I'm going to go to American Apparel today and check out what the sizing is like (probably preposterous, their clothes look terrible on me), maybe I'll pick it up.

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