Monday, February 28, 2011

Etsy Scented Oil Purchase

My whole life I've been acutely aware of how intensely scents trigger memories and emotions - the hair gel I used in the Eighth grade, the lip balm I wore on my last vacation to Disney World, the cologne of an old flame, etc. Having worked at Lush Cosmetics for over two years now, that point is being driven further home than ever. I'm constantly striving for new scents. More and more I'm seeing myself pulling away from the typical strawberry or vanilla, closer towards cedarwood, sage,sandalwood, etc. I find earthy scents both grounding and freeing simultaneously. That being said, I do still enjoy the sweeter scents when the mood strikes so it's nice to have those options available when need be.

Today on Etsy I purchased some perfume oils, which I am just dying to receive. I was originally led to rosemarygrace's shop by clicking a link to her Toasted Marshmallow inspired oil, which I found very intriguing. Sweet with a hint of char? I'm for it!

The next on my list, which I am extremely excited for, is the Coffee inspired oil. I love the smell of coffee, but most of the time nowadays drinking it seems to upset my stomach. This will be a great way for me to get that "freshly brewed" wake up without the pain and jitters.

I then came across the South Fire Ritual oil, which is is Rosemary and Mint. Um hello! Those are two of my favourite herbs, what a glorious find! Choosing which to use first is going to be a difficult task.

Paging Dr. Harper comes up next, which is Basil and Grapefruit. It'll be interesting to try, considering the description says it's a little bit medicinal in scent. I'm expecting a quirky and refreshing oil. I used to really enjoy citrus but as of late I've been finding it too simple to earn my full appreciation, so I'm curious to see how the basil changes things for me.

Campfire was my second last choice. I was a bit hesitant about this one because campfire smoke is my ultimate favourite scent in the history of scents. I didn't want to risk tarnishing something so so so beautiful to me, but I'm taking the chance and going for it. Hopefully it doesn't smell exactly like campfire, because that might take away some of the magic, but I'm anticipating it will touch on it enough to get by.

Lastly, I purchased Fresh Dirt. My curiosity got the better of me this time around. I have a shower gel from Lush called Grass, so why not an oil called Dirt? Suffice to say that I love the outdoors and everything about fresh, summery scents. This, to me, seems like a no-nonsense scent that will go a long way in creating an unusual atmosphere in my home.

I'm expecting these to be here in a couple of weeks, she said she would be shipping them in a few days. So until them I will bide my time and settle for the oils I currently have. I cannot wait to review these products!

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  1. Oh my godddddd I can't wait to hear what you have to say about these when they arrive !! Dirt sounds wonderful O_O


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