Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St-Patrick's Day Food: Irish Soda Bread & Chicken Stew

For the meal I made on St-Patrick's Day I wanted to make something authentic and Irish. Since I'm not too big into drinking anymore I wanted to celebrate in a more delicious way. My best friend got me a really neat recipe book for Christmas called Food Fest 365 that shows a national food holiday for every day of the year and a recipe to go with it.This is where the Irish Soda Bread came from. I'm pretty sure due to copyright I can't post the recipe, but here are some images of the process.

I've only made 2 recipes from this book and they've both been wonderful!

I actually made this bread to go with a stew, which I found here. I omitted the dumplings because I was making the bread. My only qualm with this recipe (other than forgetting to put the chicken in, which was entirely my fault) was only quartering the potatoes. They don't really break down in the broth, so I had to go in and break them down myself afterward, which was kind of a pain.
So - instead of quartering the potatoes I recommend cubing them.

The bread was perfect for dipping. Since its wasn't yeast-leavened it was quite dense and perfect for making the meal even heartier.

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