Thursday, July 28, 2011

NOTD: OPI It's My Year

I set out looking for this little lady a couple of weeks ago, only to find her sold out at my regular spots. This is the only one from the collection that I actually wanted (it's from the Miss Universe collection) but I wanted it bad. By chance I came across a salon and found the very last bottle buried in a bin at the end of the counter. What luck! I know it's not very close, and definitely not a dupe, but this polish is helping me quash my MAC Bad Fairy lemming just a bit. It has a purple base and flashes with bronzey/gold/pink shimmer.

It went on beautifully and was supremely easy to control. I do feel like it will look a little bit better on me once my tan fades a bit, at the moment the gold flashes are blending with my skin tone a bit too much for comfort.


  1. What a great color! Good thing you were able to find it.


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