Sunday, August 14, 2011

NOTD: Twinkly Tigress

Oh my gosh, long time no post! It's been a busy last few weeks for me, and I've been spending a lot of quality time with DBF so I haven't had the opportunity to get on the computer much.

This being the case, I've come back with something good. After all the curiosity surrounding Sally Hansen's fall shade, Pumpkin Spice, I had to give my China Glaze Ick-A-Body a shot before I made the final decision to pick it up (the SH).

I must say, it was a bit of an experience for me. The polish itself was fine, but I had my first real run-in with shrinkage. This occurs when a quick-dry top coat pulls your polish away from the tip of the nail. I was shocked! I'd encountered very minimal occasions where it's happened, but this time around it was serious business. After wearing it for a day or two it was starting to drive me a bit batty, but as I was going to remove it I decided to experiment a little bit first - I wanted to practice tiger stripes.

I always try to attempt new nail art on manis that are on their way out so that if I don't like it, I was prepared to take it off without feeling like I've wasted time or polish. Turns out, I loved the end result! I kept it on for a day longer than intended but the glitter started to peel off. Anyhow, here it is!

What do you think??

I'm still on the fence on whether I'm going to pick up the Sally Hansen. We'll see what the upcoming weeks bring!

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