Monday, June 27, 2011

NOTD: OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

This is one of my newer polishes, which isn't saying much because I've bought/received a ton these last few weeks (thank you Trade Secret and thank you to my sister Erika). I almost always use new polishes immediately after purchasing them due to sheer excitement, but this little fella got put on the back burner. I'm not too sure why, but hey, we worked through it and now here it is!

This polish is a bright, almost pastel green creme and it's truly beautiful. My camera washes out the vibrancy a little bit and makes it pull a bit more blue, which is really annoying because it's not blue at all. I can't stop staring at my nails. At first it was to figure out whether I actually like the colour or not, but now since I've decided I do it's simply out of infatuation with the green. This is a great summer shade!

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