Saturday, June 18, 2011

NOTD: Dexter's Ice Truck Killer Nails

I've been watching Dexter with DBF (dear boyfriend) and I am hooked. In the first season the team finds a severed hand in a block of ice with each nail painted a different colour. Naturally I had to give it a shot! *edit* I realize now that I mixed up the middle finger with the ring finger colour. D'oh.

I love skittle manis (ie: multicoloured), they're so much fun!


  1. What brand of polishes did you use?! I'm wanting to try it too. I LOVE Dexter! I always thought it was a stupid idea for a show until I started watching it with my boyfriend. I was wrong!

    1. Hi Emily! Let's try to remember, I used a different brand for each haha.
      Pink: Rimmel 60 Seconds - Shocker
      Yellow: I know it was NYX but I don't have it anymore.. I don't remember the name! :(
      Orange: It was a cheapy halloween orange that came in a skull bottle
      Purple: Sally Hansen Salon Crushed Velvet
      Green: China Glaze Tree Hugger

      Phew! :)


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