Thursday, April 7, 2011

Comparison Swatch: Joe Fresh Matte TC vs Essie Matte About You

So I picked up my first matte top coat last week (Essie's Matte About You), but seeing as they're owned by L'Oreal  I'd rather not buy their products. If I had known that Joe Fresh had a matte top coat I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

Three days later, I find out about the Joe Fresh. A bit of a bummer, because I'd already bought the Essie one, but I figured I'd at least compare the two. So here goes.

I picked up a bunch of polishes that day, and started with Joe Fresh Cobalt.

Then add the top coats

The Joe Fresh is a little bit glossier and reflects the light more, while the Essie dulls it a little bit more (ie: mattifies more). The application is very similar, other than the length of the brush on Joe's being really short and a little bit harder to control. I found Joe's wear to be a bit sturdier than Essie's though.

Overall, I like both of them. Price wise Joe cost me $3.33 (3 colours for $10), and Essie's was over $10, so I think in the future I might stick with Joe.

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