Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Kleancolor Edition

There's this cheapie drug store brand of polish available in the United States (actually I saw some in Ottawa once, but it's not common) called Kleancolor that gained a sudden amount of popularity a few months back and I couldn't help but be a little curious about it. I was doing a swap with someone from Illinois and to make shipping more worthwhile we agreed to the addition of some KC for some Joe Fresh, which is only available in Canada.

First up we have Kleancolor Blue-Eyed Girl.

It's actually a dark blue jelly polish with silver hex glitters.. at least I'm fairly certain they're silver. The jelly is well pigmented but sheer, and the glitter is quite sparse so to achieve this look I had to use some undies, in this case it was American Apparel Passport Blue.

I haven't had much time to be doing my nails lately so I've often found myself layering on to whatever I'm already wearing. I decided to add Nails Inc The Wyndham overglaze top coat to it (which my friend Christine bought and I fell completely in love with) et voila!

Textured flaky goodness.

My current NOTD is Kleancolor Red-Hot. This one has given me a lot of trouble. I've worn it twice now and it just doesn't dry. The first time I wore it I went to the grocery store two hours after I'd finished polishing and an entire nail just slid off.  Then once I got home I was able to do the same to 3 more nails. This time around I had higher hopes since I didn't have any issues with Blue-Eyed girl and, alas, same thing.

The undies for this one is OPI Double Decker Red.

I'd say my biggest complaint with both of these is that it's hard to get an even looking application without globbing the polish on. The glitter is very sporadic, both of these are two coats, otherwise there wouldn't be a very good polish/glitter ratio.

I wish you could see how sparkly the polishes really are though. I'd say they're worth the trouble because the size of the glitter reflects a TON of light and it makes it really hard to look away. The fact that the polish base for both is jelly also gives the nail a really juicy appearance and a lot of depth, almost making it look 3D.

Does anyone know of good jellies that don't take forever to dry?


  1. yay Jaunty Lisa is posting again after absence!! <3 I love the flecks in the navy holy. It almost looks a bit like a blurry Oriental floral or something. SO NEAT-OH

  2. Dude !! Missed your posts so much girlie !! I loved seeing the red in person today... even if it was a pain, it looked GORGEOUS!

  3. i just saw this brand for the first time today and almost bought it, but was unfamiliar with it. :/ i'm not fond of polish that takes a lot of applications. did you like it??? would you use this brand again??

    1. Hello! Out of the 3 polishes of theirs I've used, two of which have been glitters and one was a foil. The foil was pretty opaque (Metallic Aqua) and dried fairly quickly. The glitters (as you can see above) were REALLY sheer and took forever to dry. I wouldn't recommend them if layering isn't for you!


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