Friday, February 17, 2012

American Apparel Sunset Blvd

You know when you're listening to music, but the genre is just all wrong for how you're feeling at that moment? It's awkward, uncomfortable and downright dissatisfying. That's how I've been feeling about most of the polish I've been wearing lately... Until now.

I picked it up along with the Mac Arthur Park from the previous post and *sigh* is it ever perfect. Before this one, since about Christmas, the polish I've been wearing has been nice but not suitable for my mood. I've been hankering for Spring (since the temperature has been abnormally warm for this time of year) so this beautiful bright coral is giving me a bit of a leg up.

In the shade to show the brightness compared to my skintone

I know it might sound crazy but this colour was like a breath of fresh air to me! I'm sure Ali knows what I'm talking about when I say it just feels good to have found the right colour.

Application was three coats, dried quite quickly. Still love American Apparel polish!


  1. Holy geez, I need to pick up one of these for myself !! And yes... when you slap on a shade that is just right... *aaaaaaaaahhhhh* :) it looks amazing on you !!

  2. All right, I'm hooked. I think I'll have to dip into AA on my way back from class.

  3. Hi Lisa!

    I couldn't find an email on your page but I wanted to let you know that we featured your blog on our product pages. (see link below) So glad you loved this shade because it is one of my favorites as well!

  4. Cute and awesome nail color! its really looking to wear stylish american apparel for party wear!


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