Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Melmer Stash Pics 2011 (Pic Heavy)

I hope everyone had a great holiday! After working so hard all month it's nice to have a few days off to actually relax and get things done around the house. That being the case, I had a moment to put together my brand new Melmer I got for Christmas! Melmer is the nickname for a 3 drawer storage unit from Michael's, basically the mini version of Ikea's Helmer storage.

The new space gave me a whole new organizational opportunity, so instead of storing everything by brand like I was doing before I decided to arrange my bottles by colour instead. I think this is going to be an ideal way of doing things for now, finding a colour or comparing a few is going to be a lot easier now that they're all in the same spot!

So to bring 2011 to a close I thought I'd show you the new and improved stash au Lisa!

Oh hello top drawer

Featuring: Blacks, whites, greys, silvers, gold, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown and crackles

Silver glitters, whites
Black, grey, silver

Yellows and golds



What? MORE pink? Who would have thought..

Browns and crackles/shatters

More reds

Drawer 2: Blue, green, purple

Purples that lean pink

Purples that lean blue


Blue that leans green/turquoise

Blues that lean green and various bluish glitters

Greens that lean blue


Greens that lean yellow

Third drawer! Base coats, top coats, treatments, tools

Isn't it exciting? I went through and  made a spreadsheet of all the name brand polishes I have (a handful of my polish came from department store kits that were gifted to me as a teenager) and it came to 164 bottles. I didn't count the top coats and base coats either. So there we have it! If someone had told me I had that many greens I would have told them they're crazy... Funny to see I have loads of 'em!

I hope you enjoyed, feel free to ask me about any polish you see above.. whether you want the name or even a swatch.


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  1. holy!!! I think you may be the next guest star on hoarders... nail polish edition! ;) love ya


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