Thursday, October 20, 2011

Past NOTD: Revlon Valentine

I love when nail polish has a story. This colour is one of the only ones I own that actually comes with a tale to tell so I'm happy to be able to share it with you.

One morning last November, I left the house to go to my student placement for school with naked nails. This wouldn't have really mattered if halfway through the day I hadn't made plans to meet a cute boy I liked (currently my dear boyfriend) for coffee. Again, why did it matter? Well my nails were rather stained from the polish I'd worn previously, and if you've never been for coffee before let me tell you: hands tend to be instrumental in the act of holding a cup, sometimes even a focal point when bashfully avoiding eye contact. By the the time we'd planned the date I was already at placement, so on my break I scurried out to the drug store to buy myself some polish. After making sure it was okay with everyone's noses, I proceeded to paint my nails while completing my work and as a result (directly or indirectly... though I'm going to go ahead and say directly, just for the fun of it) the night went off without a hitch.

DBF always laughs at me when I tell this story, because I'm fairly certain he didn't notice my nails at all, but I'm also fairly certain that had they been stained and gross - he would have.

So here it is! Revlon Valentine - a juicy red jelly. Sorry for the crappy car pics!

Direct sunlight

Hooray for red polish and happy stories!

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